In February 2012 NRICH was invited to become a member of the Joint Mathematical Council (JMC)

In Jan 2012 NRICH was featured in the Times as the No 1 website for mathematics enrichment.

In 2010 NRICH gained the NCETM CPD standard as an accredited provider of professional development.

In February 2006 the Millennium Mathematics Project won the Queen's Anniversary Prize for Higher and Further Education for "inspiring the study of mathematics".

"Maths teachers are also using the internet through online discussion groups and maths resources - the shining example being Cambridge University's NRICH website" (The Guardian, 23rd September 2003).

In 2003 NRICH and its sister activities within the Millennium Mathematics Project were again specifically singled out in the DfES's Transforming Secondary Education document, circulated to all secondary schools and Heads of Governors in late February 2003:
"We know that most teachers have real passion and enthusiasm for their subjects and can translate that enthusiasm into the classroom and make school an exciting and fun environment. We want to support teachers to enhance their subject specialism and professionalism in a variety of ways which meet their needs, through ..... establishing partnerships with university departments researching a particular subject, for example the Millennium Maths Project in Cambridge which promotes the development of mathematical skills and understanding through enrichment beyond the curriculum."
DfES: A New Specialist System: Transforming Secondary Education, February 2003
The full document can be accessed at http://www.teachernet.gov.uk/makingadiff/docs/TransSecEduc.pdf

In 1998 the website was singled out for commendation by the Numeracy Taskforce appointed by the DfEE in both their preliminary and final report:

"The potential of the internet is already being explored in various ways. The NRICH website, set up by the University of Cambridge, offers a valuable bank of intriguing mathematical puzzles and problems for all ages, with a special section designed for primary pupils. This is especially useful for stretching the most able children."

DfEE, Numeracy Matters, January 1998

"The teaching programmes in the 'Framework for Teaching' leave a period amounting to about one week in each term that is unallocated. This time could be used for the most able to carry out a sustained mathematical investigation, such as those that can be downloaded from the Internet from the NRICH website, which we mentioned in our preliminary report."

DfEE The Implementation of the National Numeracy Strategy - The Final Report of the Numeracy Task Force. July 1998

NRICH  has been a registered publisher and distributor of Curriculum Online materials and
the British Education Communication Technology Agency (BECTa) approved NRICH as a content provider for the National Grid for Learning.