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Sets of Four Numbers

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

There were so very many interesting ideas sent in for this challenge. Well done everyone!

We had solutions from:

Nadia and Lasata from Bentworth Primary

Anna, Jemma, Madeleine, Jessica and Linzi from Park View Community School

Phoebe, Joseph and Leigh from Newark Hill Primary School

Wiliam from Toot Hill

Chajicka and Demi-lee from Ricards Lodge High School

Hannah and Georgia from Penrhos College

Elm Park Maths Club

Year 8 at Dyffryn Taf

William from Barnton Community Primary School

Aman from Davidson Primary

Connie from Blackheath High School


Year 5 maths club at Queens College Prep School

Hamish, Samuel and Rory from Rutherglen Primary School

Class 5S from Tenby Junior School

Ryan, Robbie and Georgia at Orchard Junior School

Vishaal from Brompton Manor

Shannon from St Julian's


SHS Challenge Groupat Sutton High Junior School

Becky, Jacob and Katie from Tudhoe Grange

Simon from Dartford Grammar School

SaiSankalp from Roan Forest Elementary

Grace at Ninelands Primary School

Year 4/5 from Salisbury Heights (South Australia)

Samir from By Brook Valley

Year 6KM at Newton Primary School

Wazidur at Harrowden Middle School

Harry and Guy from St Michael's

Jessica from Jane Ryan School

Cameron, Kane, Jonathan, Aimee and Imogen from Falkland Primary School

Miss Parker's Class Aberdyfi

YemYem2 from Newstead

Imman from Foxborough

Oswald and Jimmy from Doncaster Gardens Primary School

Mark, Mekeela, Hannah, Sophie, Alexander, Jamie, Tom and Paula at Gledhow Primary School

Kelsey from Archbishop Beck

Kate, Alexander, Olivia and Thomas from Culford Prep

Mrs Lydford's Y6 Maths group from Balgowan Primary School

Norwich Numpties

Year 6 from Talycopa Primary

Miss Rowcliffe's Maths Class at Upton Heath Primary School

Mukul from The Grammar School at Leeds

Mrs Ferris' Maths Group at Wolfson Hillel Primary

Catherine, Kate, Lucinda and Ceciley from Wimbledon High School


Jazz and James from Woodstock C.E. Primary School

P5 and P6 Richmond School Ballygawley, Northern Ireland

Below you will see most of the ideas presented together, as there were many overlapping ideas:

later sols

Well done to everyone!