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Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Finding all the angles in these triangles is rather tricky, but well done to those of you who tried. Some of you measured the ones you couldn't work out using a protractor.

Georegie from St Lucifiers correctly identified the triangles and gave some of the angles, although you didn't say how you calculated them, Georegie:

A = Equilateral ($60$ $^\circ$, $60$ $^\circ$, $60$ $^\circ$)

B = Isosceles ($30$ $^\circ$, $30$ $^\circ$, $120$ $^\circ$)

C = Right angle scalene ($90$ $^\circ$, $30$ $^\circ$, $60$ $^\circ$)

E = Scalene

Ryo and Jake from Moorfield Junior told us that D is an isosceles triangle, but didn't give the angles - well done to you both. The angles in D were very tricky to calculate.