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Unravelling Sequences

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Do keep scrolling down the page to make the most of this task - there are quite a few versions of the interactivity to explore!

Watch what happens when you click on 'Run' in the interactive Number Jumper environment below.
You can change the speed by clicking on 'Slower' or 'Faster' if you wish.

What do you notice?
Can you describe what happens to someone else?

Now click on 'Reset' and then on the little arrow in the bottom left-hand corner of the interactive environment.

This time, click 'Run' again but watch the red circle in the left-hand panel as the program runs.
Can you explain what each of the steps in the panel on the left means?


Now take a look at the left-hand panel of the interactive Number Jumper environment below. 

Can you use what you found out from the first version to predict what will happen this time?

Click on 'Run' to watch.


How about the interactive Number Jumper environment below? What do you think will happen when you click on 'Run' this time?


What do you think will happen in this fourth and final version of the Number Jumper below? 

When you're ready, watch what happens.

If you weren't writing a program, but instead you were challenged to draft a sentence to describe the numbers highlighted, what would you say?

The Number Jumper is inspired by Scratch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab. It does not use any of the code from Scratch however, and is not intended as a substitute.