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We are given a regular icosahedron having three red vertices. Show that it has a vertex that has at least two red neighbours.

Platonic Planet

Glarsynost lives on a planet whose shape is that of a perfect regular dodecahedron. Can you describe the shortest journey she can make to ensure that she will see every part of the planet?

Three Cubes

Can you work out the dimensions of the three cubes?


Age 14 to 16 Challenge Level:

Daniel, from Wales High School, sent us this very elegant solution:

The formula for the volume of a tetrahedron is $$1/3 \times \text{area of base} \times \text{perpendicular height}$$ If you slice the tetrahedron in half through $b$ you end up with two equal smaller pyramids. I will work out the volume of one and then multiply by $2$ because they have equal volumes. So to start, I must work out the area of the base. The area of a triangle is calculated as follows: $$1/2 \times \text{base} \times \text{perpendicular height}$$ The base is $a$ and the perpendicular height is $b$ so the area of the base is $$(1/2)\times a\times b=(a b/2)$$ So using the formula for the volume of a pyramid: $$\text{Volume}=(1/3) \times (ab/2)\times (a/2)=a^2b/12$$ Times this by $2$ to get the volume for the big tetrahedron: $$(a^2b/12)\times 2=2a^2b/12 =a^2b/6$$ So the volume of the big tetrahedron is $a^2b/6$.