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Triangle Island

You have pitched your tent (the red triangle) on an island. Can you move it to the position shown by the purple triangle making sure you obey the rules?

Triangle Transformation

Start with a triangle. Can you cut it up to make a rectangle?

Rod Area

This task challenges you to create symmetrical U shapes out of rods and find their areas.

Uncanny Triangles

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Where is a good place to start?
Have you looked at some of the examples on the sheet?
How many different triangles do you think you can draw with the lengths of the two perpendicular and horizontal sides making any total up to $15$? Can you list some? How do you know you can list them all without missing any out?
Have you thought of trying the "family" of triangles with a height of one?
Do you need to draw all the triangles in a family to see if any meet the requirements? How can you tell?