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New House

In this investigation, you must try to make houses using cubes. If the base must not spill over 4 squares and you have 7 cubes which stand for 7 rooms, what different designs can you come up with?

The Third Dimension

Here are four cubes joined together. How many other arrangements of four cubes can you find? Can you draw them on dotty paper?

Three Cubed

Can you make a 3x3 cube with these shapes made from small cubes?

Building Blocks

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Thank you to Emma, Hannah, Shawnee and Sophie from Oakwood Junior School Maths Club for the drawings you did of the shapes. They explained that they made the shapes and put them at different angles, then copied them onto isometric paper. Here are some examples that Emma and Sophie drew for the first shape:

Emma's first shape

Sophie's first shape

Here is Sophie's drawing of the second shape:

second shape


Emma drew the third shape like this:


third shape


Finally, they both drew different versions of the fourth shape:


Emma's fourth shape

Sophie's fourth shape

Ms Hope from Harrow School Beijing  in China sent in these pictures of her pupils' models.


Thank you for those arrangements.