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Instant Insanity

Given the nets of 4 cubes with the faces coloured in 4 colours, build a tower so that on each vertical wall no colour is repeated, that is all 4 colours appear.

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Pattern of Islands

In how many distinct ways can six islands be joined by bridges so that each island can be reached from every other island...

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Only Connect

The graph represents a salesman’s area of activity with the shops that the salesman must visit each day. What route around the shops has the minimum total distance?

Konigsberg Plus

Stage: 3 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

Euler used a graph to explain the possible routes around Old Konisberg. He represented the land by dots and the bridges by lines joining the dots. Think about whether there is an even number of bridges or an odd number of bridges from each piece of land. diagram showing nodes and lines