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Eight Dominoes

Using the 8 dominoes make a square where each of the columns and rows adds up to 8


There are exactly 3 ways to add 4 odd numbers to get 10. Find all the ways of adding 8 odd numbers to get 20. To be sure of getting all the solutions you will need to be systematic. What about a total of 15 with 6 odd numbers?

Medal Muddle

Countries from across the world competed in a sports tournament. Can you devise an efficient strategy to work out the order in which they finished?

Inspector Morse

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

Working in groups to analyse separate sections of the text may be a useful whole class activity even if pupils then work in smaller groups to analyse the data.

By sorting the letters by time values you can get an approximation to Morse's findings.

A simple frequency count would give a first clue to differences. Are there any letters whose frequency is significantly different when the two distributions are matched?

Using the new code and translating is there a "significant" difference in the times the messages would take?

By weighting letter time values according to their frequency it should be possible to see whether the average time taken to send a message using each of the two systems, or between systems generated by groups of pupils, differ.