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Carroll Diagrams

Use the interactivities to fill in these Carroll diagrams. How do you know where to place the numbers?

What Shape and Colour?

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:

This was a very well answered problem. Rebecca from Lexden Primary School tells us how the table should be filled in:

1st row: Yellow square, blue square, red square
2nd row: Yellow triangle, blue triangle, red triangle
3rd row: Yellow circle, blue circle, red circle

Isobel, who goes to Wheldrake with Thorganby CE (Aided) School, explains how to go about filling in the table:

The top horizontal line is the colour of the shape and the furthest left vertical line shows the shape.
The grid is filled in by selecting a colour and going down to a shape. On the column of that colour and the row of that shape, the shape is drawn and the shape is filled in with the colour.

Maya and Hannah sent us a great diagram of the solution:

1st row:yellow square, blue square, red square. 2nd row: yellow triangle, blue triangle, red triangle. 3rd row: yellow circle, blue circle, red circle