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Not a Polite Question

When asked how old she was, the teacher replied: My age in years is not prime but odd and when reversed and added to my age you have a perfect square...

Whole Numbers Only

Can you work out how many of each kind of pencil this student bought?


Add up all 5 equations given below. What do you notice? Solve the system and find the values of a, b, c , d and e. b + c + d + e = 4 a + c + d + e = 5 a + b + d + e = 1 a + b + c + e = 2 a + b + c + d = 0

Children at Large

Age 11 to 14
Challenge Level

Would it be useful to write the initial information as simultaneous equations?
Can you get two equations involving just two of the unknowns?

Whose ages are even and whose odd?
What combinations are possible for Tom's and Sally's ages?
Can this help you to find the right answer?