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Prime Magic

Place the numbers 1, 2, 3,..., 9 one on each square of a 3 by 3 grid so that all the rows and columns add up to a prime number. How many different solutions can you find?

Domino Magic Rectangle

An ordinary set of dominoes can be laid out as a 7 by 4 magic rectangle in which all the spots in all the columns add to 24, while those in the rows add to 42. Try it! Now try the magic square...


Can you spot the similarities between this game and other games you know? The aim is to choose 3 numbers that total 15.

Transformations Tables

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:
Can you complete these grids?
5 by 5 grid. Top row: 22, 20, 18... Left column: 22, 26, 30...
explanation: subtract 2 left to right, add four top to bottom
5 by 5 grid. Top row: 2, 6, 18... Left column: 2, 4, 8...
explanation: Multiply by 3 left to right. Multiply by 2 top to bottom
4 by 4 grid. Top row rectangles' width halving from left to right. Top to bottom reactangles' height doubling