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Cushion Ball

The shortest path between any two points on a snooker table is the straight line between them but what if the ball must bounce off one wall, or 2 walls, or 3 walls?

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Four circles all touch each other and a circumscribing circle. Find the ratios of the radii and prove that joining 3 centres gives a 3-4-5 triangle.

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A Problem of Time

Consider a watch face which has identical hands and identical marks for the hours. It is opposite to a mirror. When is the time as read direct and in the mirror exactly the same between 6 and 7?


Stage: 4 and 5 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2

If you draw copies of the table reflected in the cushions then the reflection of the path of the ball after hitting a cushion appears as a straight line in the image of the table.
snooker tables and reflections