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First Forward Into Logo 1: Square Five

A Short introduction to using Logo. This is the first in a twelve part series.

LOGO Challenge 1 - Star Square

Can you use LOGO to create this star pattern made from squares. Only basic LOGO knowledge needed.

LOGO Challenge 5 - Patch

Using LOGO, can you construct elegant procedures that will draw this family of 'floor coverings'?

LOGO Challenge - Pentagram Pylons

Age 11 to 18
Challenge Level

The challenges are:
  1. to program ELEGANTLY the drawing of the 'Power of Pentagram Pylons', as suggested by an "NRICHer" in response to some of the other LOGO Challenges on the site.

  2. to program ELEGANTLY the drawing of the European Union flag, part of which is reproduced to remind you of the main themes therein.

    N.B. the primitives
    SETPC< number>
    SETBG < number>
    SETFLOODCOLOUR < number> and

    might prove useful!