World of Tan 24 - Clocks

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity follows on from World of Tan 23 - Transform this into that.

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It is the end of the week. The men have gone home and the children have returned from school only to go out again to friends. Mai Ling and Granma T are the only ones remaining and they are busy 'doing the books'. It is late and the first real cold wind is November blowing down the leaves.

ML: It is a lazy wind that is blowing under that door.

GT: Pardon! - I have never heard that before.

ML: Oh it is something that Leo and Leone taught me last year when they visited.
The wind is so lazy - it blows through you and not round you.

GT: You are right the wind is beginning to chill my bones too. But I am much older than you, Mai Ling, and feel the cold more than I did as a younger woman.

ML: I too am getting older..another year, how time flies...

GT: Isn't that what Leo called "Tempus Fugit?"

ML: Fancy learning Latin at our age! You know, it really was a good idea having those children from the International School stay with the youngsters. Is anything happening this time around?

GT: No, although Little Ming and Little Fung were invited back by Leo and Leone to spend some time at the school.

ML: I think I remember them going on that trip but the details of their escapades are vague.

GT: Wouldn't it have been wonderful if they could have gone back to England with Leo and Leone. They left China last Saturday.

ML: Oh, for the opportunity to see another country, to see how other people live...

GT: If only we had had those chances to travel... Little Ming and Little Fung have done much, much more than we have ever done.

ML: That is a fact! That pair have quite an interesting time of it!

GT: Not like when you were a girl....

ML: Now, you are laughing at me Granma T. Although younger than you, I feel more in keeping with your generation ...

GT: And here I am thinking of you as a really modern miss!

ML: You are too kind, but just think how long I have worked here!

GT: Perhaps I had better not. I just know that we couldn't run the business without you. And it was you that insisted we modernise. Oh what was that phrase of Leone's?

ML: We have to GET WITH IT!

GT: That's right.. I am going to GET us a drink of tea, can you GET those figures finished those figures without me?

ML: No problem... I will also leave a note for Wai Ping to put a strip on the bottom of that door. We might as well as well have comfort as we get older....

In the meantime, complete the silhouettes of the cuckoo clock and alarm clock. More activities can be found in the notes . The story continues in World of Tan 25 - Pentominoes .