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World of Tan 24 - Clocks

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:
Children you might like to:
  • consider the following problem - you have a 7 minute timer and an11 minute timer. How will you use them to help you boil some pasta for 19 minutes?
  • List all the words to do with time, the passing of time and how we measure time.
  • Find out all you can about GMT
  • Explore the Internet to find out about the International Date Line and how some countries are in front of Greenwich Mean Time while some are behind.
Parents you might like to:
  • Talk with the children about the passing of time - how it seems to pass that much slower when you are younger
  • Investigate and explain all about the different time zones of somewhere like America or Asia.
  • Compare time scales - in geology with that of kings and queens say.
  • List all the things you and the children can do in five minutes
  • Explore ways of estimating unaided a second, a minute, an hour; vi. devise a time line for your family
  • Explain the phrase "doing the books".
Teachers you might like to:
  • Explore some of the proverbs and aphorisms associated with time
  • Consider different types of time keeping devices the children could make - candles, water clocks, pendulums
  • Explore fully the meaning of words like era, generations, universal time (UT) / coordinated universal time(UTC), calendars; the moveable religious feasts and festivals
  • Devise experiments for children to estimate the passage of time e.g. keeping quiet for a minute and a half. Writing/ doing an excercise (or similar activity) for ten minutes;
  • Encourage the children to write some time related stories e.g. parallel time.
  • Explore the arithmetic of time by starting to find what times you can and cannot measure with 11 and 7 minute timers! What about other timers?
  • Explore the phrase "in keeping with your generation" - what other phrases mean the same thing?