World of Tan 22 - an Appealing Stroll

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you might like to
  • List all the things that you can measure and all the different instruments you can measure things with.
  • Discuss how accurately you can measure your height. Now do it!
  • Consider things you would like to measure that presently you cannot.
Parents you might like to...
  • Bring together all the measuring instruments that you have in and around the home. How can you classify them?
  • Discuss the issue of measuring accurately. When does accuracy matter, when does it not?
  • What units are used for measuring different things? Make a list of the units of measure in 'common' usage.
  • Find out about and discuss the use of compound units of measurement.
Teachers you might like to....
  • Brainstorm any ideas the children already have about measuring.
  • Discuss more fully with the children aspects of life that cannot be accurately measured.
  • Devise an experiment to test the children's accuracy of measuring the length of the school hall (say). Discuss the outcomes!
  • Encourage the children to devise a scale of measurement for nosiness/ clumsiness/ naughtiness.
  • Plan and prepare a story about someone who HAS to measure every aspect of their life. What would you call such a person?
  • Work with the children as they set about measuring the water in a puddle or the weight of an arm or the amount of leaves on a tree.