World of Tan 22 - an Appealing Stroll

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity follows on from World of Tan 21 - Almost There Now .

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Little Ming and Little Fung are slowly walking home from school. The new term is only a few days old and already the children are getting back to old ways...

LM: Why does a school day feel so much longer than a day over the weekend?

LF: It all depends on whether or not you are enjoying yourself.

LM: So, goody - two shoes... What has been so nice today? My day has not been that rosy!

LF: You should behave more in class, pay more attention and do what is asked.

LM: Perhaps, but today who could get excited by measuring things?

LF: Admittedly most of what we do at home we practised in school today.

LM: But who is to know that!

LF: I'm more interested in things that can't be measured so obviously.

LM: How do you mean?

LF: Well we have length, breadth, width....

LM: What about weight? Mass? Temperature?

LF: I know, and I have not forgotten time! Angles! Or volume!

LM: Or do you mean capacity?

LF: Look, you and I can measure most things and we can read most measuring instruments, be it ruler or micrometer. It is all those things we have not got instruments for that I want to find out about.

LM: How do you mean?

LF: Well how do you measure how clever someone is?

LM: How do you measure stubborness?

LF: You've got it!

LM: Well there is beauty? Merit? Honesty?

LF: Can you have different amounts of being scared?

LM: I suppose you can measure strength or weakness?

LF: Yep, just as you can measure speed and acceleration or density.

LM: Can you measure different degrees of wetness?

LF: I'm not sure. I know when I am damp, and I know when I am soaking wet..

LM: Yes... Last night was fun, but we should not have cooled down by standing in the fountain - someone will have seen us and they will tell Granma T!

LF: See, how do you measure nosiness!

LM: Carelessness? Clumsiness? How does a hospital measure pain?

LF: Eh, let's stop dawdling - it is almost tea time; we had better get a move on...........

In the meantime., complete the silhouette of the child dawdling on the way home from school.

More activities can be found in the notes . The story continues in World of Tan 23 - Transform This...into...that .