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World of Tan 14 - Celebrations

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This follows on from World of Tan 13 - A Storm in a Tea Cup .

The evening meal had just finished and the children were tidying away.

Above the clatter of crockery and cutlery being washed and dried, Granma T asked, quietly yet quizzically,

"Ay, aren't your penfriends coming to stay soon?"

Before allowing either Little Fung or little Ming to answer she continued, "We have made no preparations at all for them... we have not thought about this visit once, just what are we going to do with them?"

"But Granma, Leo and Leone won't be here for ages, their school holiday doesn't start till about December 23rd. We have plenty of time to get things ready for them," Little Ming replied after a moment's deliberation. His worried frown now almost gone.

"Yea, that's true", echoed Little Fung who was eager to start playing Luk tsut k'i for the umpteenth time this term.

"NO, no children, if this visit of the British youngsters from the International school is to be a success we must plan and prepare very carefully. Leo and Leone are making a large sacrifice at this time of year to come and visit you pair. Back home in their own country with their families they would make quite a celebration of this holiday."

But for the life of her, Granma T could not remember the name of these festivities...

Later on in the evening, Little Fung, who had lost again to Little Ming at Luk tsut k'i, was bored and began to think aloud about Leo and Leone....

"It is Christmas that they would be celebrating back in England.... I wonder what is so special for them about this holiday? Where could we find out more?"

Little Ming somewhat knowingly looked up from his books and in exaggerated tones of exasperation lectured both Granma T, who was now no longer snoozing, and Little Fung. Both were now all ears...

".. they could just as well be Muslim children or Jewish or Hindus for that matter. Not all British people celebrate Christmas... I think we should do some research".

"We could start with the Internet down in the newly opened Tea Rooms," said Granma T - always eager to try out new things.

I think we should ask Leo and Leone, what they would like to do when they come and stay with us...," added Little Fung, "but we should ask them in a round about way and..."

By now Granma T had a full head of steam and cut across what Little Fung was saying with, "You are right children, we must do all that we can to make their stay with us a happy and worthwhile visit. We must plan and prepare, we must get the help of the others...."

In the meantime, complete the silhouettes using the interactivity above. More activities can be found in the notes .

The story continues in World of Tan 15 - Millennium .