World of Tan 14 - Celebrations

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you may like to:
  • Complete the silhouettes of Little Ming and Little Fung dancing for joy at the news Leo and Leone are definitely coming to stay.
  • Estimate then calculate accurately how much time in minutes there is before your school holiday starts. Find what margin of error you and your friends make on this activity.
  • Discuss with others, then write a poem about what would you want to do if you were to go to China for your next school holiday.
  • Leo and Leone are two closely related names make a list of other similar names used for girls and boys.
Parents you might like to:
  • Talk about then try to list all the denominations of Christianity.
  • Discuss the problems of having friends to stay - whether it be for a 'sleep over' or staying for a period of time. List the plans and preparations that would be needed.
  • Decide what are 'exaggerated tones of exasperation' and rehearse some with each other.
  • Consider the different ways Santa could visit 3, 4, 5 .....all the households on your street, when making his rounds this Christmas Eve.
Teachers you might like to:
  • Use the opportunity to discuss other religions and some of the ceremonies they enjoy.
  • Encourage the children to write about their experiences when staying with or sleeping over at a friends.
  • Consider the celebration of Christmas, and using the Internet to explore the symbolism of some of the items often taken for granted. e.g. The tree? The baubles? The gifts. The holly and the ivy
  • Build upon some of the figures of speech found above - ' ...a full head of steam'; '...think aloud'; '..all ears'; etc.
  • Consider the mathematical opportunities presented when: 1. wrapping a specific present (some multilink) with the LEAST amount of paper 2. designing a Christmas tree/ candle using LOGO 3. everyone in class exchanges gifts and cards - just how much is needed? 4. singing 'The 12 days of Christmas' and finding ALL the presents bought (hint: 1 + 1 + 2 + ....)