World of Tan 13 - A Storm in a Tea Cup

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you may like to:
  • complete the silhouettes of two of the convex shapes that can be made;
  • find out what you can about the terms convex and concave. Find ways of explaining the ideas to your friend, family and teacher.
  • make a collection of things that are concave or convex or both;
  • invent an acrostic for both CONCAVE and for CONVEX (hint: Xray/ Xylophone/ Xmas..).
Parents you may like to:
  • explain your understanding of the terms convex and concave and how you remember which is which;
  • form a collection of things from around the house that are convex/ concave in design; e.g. a empty cup - is this convex or concave or both? what about a full cup?
  • explore what happens when looking in convex/ concave mirrors
  • find other words that are often used to mean convex/ concave Can you find a 7 letter word for convex? 8 letter word for concave? etc..
Teachers you may like to:
  • investigate the other 11 REMAINING convex figures that can be made using the tangram
  • explore when convex/ concave lens and mirrors are used and why.
  • explore more fully the mathematical definitions for convex and concave shapes (see below)
  • consider where terms like 'rude health' come from and try to list more that are similar
  • discuss in what other contexts animals are used to describe behaviour and other human characteristics? e.g. (Mai Ling) being badgered by the workmen horsing around! wolfing food down!......