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World of Tan 13 - A Storm in a Tea Cup

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity follows on from World of Tan 12 - All in a Fluff .

What should have been a peaceful tea break was transformed into a scene that could have been from your favourite pantomime.

Wai Ping and Wah Ming, two of the workmen at Granma T's, were arguing with each other.

"It sticks out," said Wai Ping whose voice was getting louder.
"No, it goes in," replied Wah Ming. "Out"
"It goes OUT I tell you"
"how many TIMES do you need telling it goes IN?"
"In, I'll prove it! I shall ask the others."
"We'll see"

The last time such a scene had taken place between the cousins was when Wah Ming had wrongly believed that to ascend meant to go down.

Then as now, the argument went from one to another

"It's up."
"It's down."
"It's not, it's up."
and so on...

Mai Ling was the first to come in for her break and she was soon badgered by the workmen:

"Does it mean going in or sticking out?"

Haughtily she replied "It goes in like a cave, hence concave." Having experienced similar arguments she beat a hasty retreat to the sanctity of her office...peace and quiet was all she wanted.

Chi Wing (the foreman) was next in and he too was dragged into the argument. But, he couldn't for the life of him remember which was in and which was out. But he knew which way stalactites went and which way stalagmites grew. Sensing this did not help the argument, he took his tea and began carefully to study the schedule for the next day that had recently been pinned up. He didn't really want to be drawn in to yet another argument.

Granma T, who had quietly entered the room had foolishly asked how they both were. Their rude health was quickly confirmed and Wai Ping hurriedly asked, "Does concave meaning going inwards or outwards, in or OUT?"

Granma T swore that she would buy a dictionary next time she was in town because these arguments were getting too frequent. What was it last time? "When to use their and when to use there?". "Forget it", she thought. Without answering the question she too disappeared into Mai Ling's office and shut the door very firmly.

Only the children remained to be interrogated and they wouldn't be home from school yet.

Throughout the day the yard echoed to the cousins arguing.

So in the meantime while waiting for the children to settle the argument once and for all, you may like to complete the silhouettes of the two convex shapes that can be made. More activities can be found in the notes .

World of Tan continues in World of Tan 14 - Celebrations .