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World of Tan 9 - Animals

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity carries on from World of Tan 8 - Sports Car .

Since the arrival of the ransom note, Mr. Cheung had spent much of the time getting all the money together. A million dollars is a lot of money!

His restaurant, like Granma T's removals had not closed. Business went ahead as normal. All the staff had carefully and discretely asked many questions of the numerous people that they had met during the course of their work.

No police had been involved as the original communique had demanded.

Yet, everynight a 'council of war' sat around the large office table at Granma T's. Mai Ling, Granma T, Little Ming and Little Fung would meet with Mr. Cheung and his maitre'd - Hop Sing. They would piece together all the information gained that day.

So far they had concluded that the plaque was not on the main island in the bay; it had not been melted down and none of the local criminals knew anything about its disappearance. All the files containing the names of previous workers with both Granma T and Mr. Cheung had been carefully scrutinised. A list of suspects had been narrowed down to two people who had worked for both firms.

Two people who were father and son!

A second note from the 'criminals' was delivered a fortnight later, by post, second delivery. It contained instructions on what to do:

The money was to be packed in foil containers, that were to be sealed with wax lids and placed in the usual 'take away' carrier bag. At the top of this was to be placed a white paper bag containing a double helping of prawn crackers.

That evening at 19.00 precisely Little Ming was to walk to the park in the local zoo.

"Go past the goat pen and place the bag in the green rubbish bin by the giraffe house."

That evening the zoo would be open despite the lateness of the hour!

The money was packed and the prawn crackers placed on top as ordered. Little Ming had donned raincoat and hat for it was raining and had set off.

In the meantime, complete the silhouette of the goat and the giraffe! There are more activities in the notes .

The story continues in World of Tan 10 - Butterflies .