World of Tan 9 - Animals

Stage: 2 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:2 Challenge Level:2
Children you may like to...
  • begin a collection of different sets of things that only weigh 150 grams (like the prawn crackers ?). How many paper clips weigh 150 grams, how many felt pens? How many multi-link cubes?
  • investigate the different ways there are of seating 3 boys and 3 girls around a circular table.
  • find in the text above two French words that we now use in the English. What other words can you think of?

Parents you may like to help children:
  • explore and talk about objects in the home that are of a similar weight but of differing sizes
  • look up and talk about the different words that have the same or similar meaning to 'communique'
  • talk about and appreciate the cost of keeping different types of pets
  • consider five very different animals and decide on three adjectives that best describe them - e.g. a small, singing, soaring skylark.

Teachers you may like to help children:
  • distinguish between weight and mass, giving examples
  • explore the different methods of measuring an object's mass
  • explore the differing instruments that are used for measuring in all its aspects
  • suggest units by which they would measure humour, sorrow, happiness, appreciation of music or paintings, etc.