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World of Tan 7 - Gat Marn

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This is a continuation of the story in World of Tan 6 - Junk.

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It was almost a week after moving Mr. Cheung into his new restaurant that the fat flew into the fire .

The gold plaque on green baize commemorating the restaurant Gat Marn could not be found anywhere. Obviously, those at Granma T's had lost it or broken it or stolen it.

Mr. Cheung was both angry and disappointed. Of one thing he was certain - the plaque was not in pride of place in his new premises and he wanted some reassurances.

At first, Granma T was calm and composed. She tried to reassure Mr. Cheung that the plaque would be found. If all else failed SHE would commission a replacement! It was then that Mr. Cheung exploded:

"The square alone would cost one hundred US dollars."

Granma T slumped into her chair, she was deathly white, she was shaking and there was a tremor in her voice as she barked orders at everyone.

The children were sent off to thoroughly search the packing cases and separate out all the wrapping papers that had been used.

The workmen were summarily dismissed - they had to return to the old business premises. They were to search every inch of the building and back yard. No stone was to be unturned!

Chi Wing fled with a flea in his ear . He was to interrogate the ferry man and to report back to Granma T poste haste .

"How could we have been so careless?", quaked Granma T!

I was told to: "Take the van, go into the city, find a goldsmith who can make a replica at short notice. BUT, get several quotes for the job."

In the meantime, complete the silhouette of the Gat Marn plaque as last seen.

More activities can be found in the problem notes .

The story continues in World of Tan 8 - Sports Car .