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World of Tan 7 - Gat Marn

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:
Children you may like to:
  • complete the silhouette of the 'Gat Marn' plaque as last seen;
  • work out the full cost of the plaque, not including green baize, if the cost of the square was 100 US dollars;
  • design a poss ible replacement - but it must have at least one line of symmetry.
Parents you may like to:
  • make a collection of company logos and discuss the shapes that are contained therein;
  • find what countries share a border with China;
  • find out about the currency used in China and those of the neighbouring countries.

Teachers you may like to:
  • develop the ideas of symmetry a little more deeply. Can tangrams be arranged with 1,2 or more lines of symmetry? Can arrangements have rotational symmetry?
  • consider the role of symmetry in the design of goods and materials.
  • explore some of the phrases in italics used in the story and try to replace with alternatives.
  • consider other words that could be used to describe the emotional conditions that Grandma T and Mr. Cheung found themselves in.