Frosty Is Melting!

Age 14 to 16
Challenge Level

This problem requires students to use the information in the question to find formulae and then apply these to solve the problem.  Students are also required to find the volume of spheres and simplify ratios, and the question needs them to apply their algebraic manipulation skills.

Some possible starting points are described in the getting started section.

Usually when the dimensions of a solid are reduced to one half, the volume is reduced to one eighth of the original.  Why is this is not the case with Frosty?

This problem has been adapted from the original one so that students do not need any knowledge of calculus to solve it.  Find the original problem here.

This problem is one of a collection designed to develop students' carbon numeracy; we hope it will encourage students to think about the issues surrounding climate change.  You can find the complete collection here.