Graph Theory and Networks

The resources in this feature are designed as an introduction to the world of graph theory and networks, which has many real life applications. You don't need any prior knowledge, so jump in and have a play, and see what theorems you can discover!

You can also discover more about networks in these Plus articles.

The Bridges of Konigsberg 

Age 11 to 18
Challenge Level
Investigate how networks can be used to solve a problem for the 18th Century inhabitants of Konigsberg.

Can You Traverse It? 

Age 14 to 18
Challenge Level
How can you decide if a graph is traversable?

Network Trees 

Age 14 to 18
Challenge Level
Explore some of the different types of network, and prove a result about network trees.

Euler Meets Schlegel 

Age 16 to 18
Challenge Level
Discover how networks can be used to prove Euler's Polyhedron formula.
Read about how mathematicians used network theory to predict the spread of disease among teenagers.