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What can you see? What do you notice? What questions can you ask?

More and More Buckets

In this challenge, buckets come in five different sizes. If you choose some buckets, can you investigate the different ways in which they can be filled?

It's a Fence!

In this challenge, you will work in a group to investigate circular fences enclosing trees that are planted in square or triangular arrangements.

Healthy Snack Shop

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

You are setting up a healthy snack shop for your class.

What information do you need to know to make the healthy snack shop work well?
Talk to someone else about your ideas and make a list of questions.

Choose one of the questions to focus on. How will you find out the answer? 

How will you collect data to help answer your question?
How will you present the data?
How will you use the data to answer your question?

Now carry out your plan! 

We would love to hear about your ideas, the question you asked, and how you answered it. Please do send us pictures to show how you presented your data too.