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Reasoning about the number of matches needed to build squares that share their sides.

Little Boxes

How many different cuboids can you make when you use four CDs or DVDs? How about using five, then six?

Tangram Browser

Age 7 to 11

Here you can explore our interactive tangrams.

Can you create the blue shape on the right using the seven trangram pieces on the left?

Each blue shape features in one of our World of Tan stories, which relate to Granma T who owns a removals business in China.

How to use the interactivity:

You can select a particular tangram to complete using the arrows above the 'Change tangram' text.

If you click the image of the two small squares immediately to the bottom left of the blue shape the button which changes the tangrams page layout, you will see that the blue shape slides to the left, underneath the tangram pieces, allowing you to arrange the pieces directly on top of the blue picture.

You can select a tangram piece by clicking on it. The piece which is currently selected is shown above the word 'Selection'.

You can move a tangram piece by dragging it, or by selecting it and then using the arrow keys above the word 'Move'.

A tangram piece can be rotated by selecting it and then clicking on either of the 'Rotate' buttons.