The New Puzzling Sweet Shop

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Rosie went into the sweet shop with 50p to spend.

There were chews for 10p, mini eggs for 15p, Chocko bars for 25p and lollypops for 35p.

What could she buy if she wanted to spend all her money?

Alice, James, Katie and Henry went into the shop too. They each had 100p to spend and they all spent all of their money.

Alice bought at least one of each kind of sweet. Which one did she have two of?

James spent his money on just one kind of sweet, but he does not like chews. Which sweets did he buy?

Katie bought the same number of sweets as James but she had 3 different kinds. Which sweets did she buy?

Henry chose 8 sweets. What could he have bought?

(If you want to do this with cents instead go here )