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Biscuit Decorations

Andrew decorated 20 biscuits to take to a party. He lined them up and put icing on every second biscuit and different decorations on other biscuits. How many biscuits weren't decorated?

Constant Counting

You can make a calculator count for you by any number you choose. You can count by ones to reach 24. You can count by twos to reach 24. What else can you count by to reach 24?

Number Detective

Follow the clues to find the mystery number.

Tables Teaser

Age 5 to 7 Challenge Level:
Where might you start?  Why?
Are there any row or column headings you know straightaway?  Why?
How might that row/column heading help us now?
What do you know about numbers in the 10 times table?
What do you know about numbers in the 5 times table?