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World of Tan 29 - The Telephone

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

This activity follows on from World of Tan 28 - Concentrating on Coordinates.

Little Ming and Little Fung have nearly finished their time at primary school. As they will soon be travelling together to middle school, Granma T has given each of them a phone so that they can contact her in an emergency. However, Little Ming and Little Fung love using their phones to stay in touch with their friends. They keep asking for more data, but Granma T often gets angry with them and tells them that it costs too much!

Do you know anybody who is always on their phone?

Do they use WiFi or mobile data?

Phones have changed a lot over the years! Look at this picture of a telephone from the 1950s:


How is it similar to phones we have today?

How is it different?

Complete the silhouette of this 1950s telephone:

Extra activities:

  • What might Little Ming and Little Fung use their phones for? Which of these things are essential? Which of these are luxuries?

The final tangram in this series is found in World of Tan 30 - Logical Thinking.