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World of Tan 21 - Almost There Now

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This activity follows on from World of Tan 20 - Fractions.

The school year is almost at an end. The summer break is not far away, and Granma T is planning what everyone will be doing during the holidays. But Little Ming and Little Fung have other plans!

Granma T: The first job to be done this holiday is your rooms. They need a major tidying up so that Wai Ping and Wu Ming can decorate them... then there are the files at the back of Mah Ling's office. You both said that you would sort, label and store them away... then there is the yard that desperately needs clearing and sweeping, and...

Little Ming: But Granma, it's our holiday - we've worked hard all year at school.

Little Fung: It's time for us to relax, play with our friends, go into town, look around and enjoy ourselves.

Granma T: And get into mischief like last year - remember the broken window? No. This holiday, you'll work first and play later!

Little Fung: You can't blame that window on us, it was Wai Ping who hit the ball.

Granma T: What a lot of fuss it caused! No, you two will start work the day after school finishes. Catch up on all the chores and then we will all consider how to spend the holidays together.

Little Ming: But we don't want to go visiting relatives and sight seeing. We want to...

Granma T: That's quite enough! We'll discuss this further once all your chores are completed.

Little Fung: Oh dear, this isn't going to be easy!

Little Ming: You're right. Granma will get her way, she always does.

Little Fung: But we so wanted to go cycling, fishing and boating this holiday. In fact, I've put our names down to join in with the other students.

Little Ming: That won't make a shred of difference - we'd better make a start on that list of chores...

Little Fung: Only four days to go...

In the meantime, complete the silhouettes of the lobster, yacht and cyclist.

Extra activities:
  • Can you work out how many days each year you spend at school? How many days a year are weekend days? How much time each year do you have for school holidays, including bank holidays?
  • Ask your friends what their favourite thing to do in the holidays is. Can you draw a graph to show which response is the most popular?

The story continues in World of Tan 22 - An Appealing Stroll.