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World of Tan 6 - Junk

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This activity follows on from World of Tan 5 - Dragon.

Now that the new year has started, business at Granma T's is slowly picking up. They have done some small jobs and deliveries so far this year, and the first big removal is underway.

Mr Cheung, the local restaurateur, is closing down his old restaurant. He and his family are moving onto an island in the bay. There, he is opening his new restaurant under the same name - 'The Golden Goose'.

The children and all the workmen are already at his old restaurant. Little Fung is packing away all the plates, bowls and glasses as well as the cutlery. She is being extra careful - all damages have to be paid for! Meanwhile, Little Ming is stacking all the tins of food and boxes of fruit into crates. The workers have finished loading the furniture into the van. The gas, the water and the electricity have all been disconnected.

Everyone must now meet up with Mah Ling at the dockside, as only she knows where Mr Cheung's new business is located. She also has the ferry tickets.

In the meantime, complete the silhouette of the junk they are about to sail in.

Extra activities:

  • Investigate different ways of packing plates, bowls and glasses into boxes so that they won't break.
  • Look up what 'junk' means in this situation.

The story continues in World of Tan 7 - Golden Goose.