Gathering Gems

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level
The following solutions arrived from Peak School in Hong Kong:

First, I will find a way to get all the gems. Then I counted how many times I went and then if it is more than 10, I need to make it to 10 or lower. Then I will have the answer.

Cassie and HazeӬ:
How we did it was first we went West 7 times then we went East once. After that, we went North 5 times and South 1 time. Then we went East 5, North 8, West 6, South 6 and East 3 times.  
Our strategy was whenever we went too far we would go back 1 space and after our hard work, we finally made it to the end.

It doesn't matter what solution you enter because it is random every time so you can never get a straight answer. So the directions I used where N5 E6 S8 W8 N1 E5 N6 W2 S4 W1 and that was the solution that got me all 20 gems and got home.

William & Evelyn:Ӭ
We tried to calculate how many moves we needed to use in order to get from the closest gem to the farthest while using as few moves as possible, while collecting as many gems on the way and still saving enough moves to get back "Home". By using this method we collected all 20 gems.