Starting the Term with Rich Tasks

During the summer, we published a collection of interactive challenges, which we hope your students enjoyed. Below we have selected a couple of the tasks that we think are particularly suitable for the start of term, when you are getting to know your learners. They offer the chance to do some exploratory collaborative work at a range of levels.

Both tasks feature in our Primary curriculum mapping document, which contains links to a variety of problems for teachers wishing to embed rich mathematical tasks into their everyday teaching.

You can watch a recording of the webinar in which we discussed the mathematical thinking which can be prompted by these activities.

Sort the Street

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level

Sort the houses in my street into different groups. Can you do it in any other ways?

Poly Plug Rectangles

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level

The computer has made a rectangle and will tell you the number of spots it uses in total. Can you find out where the rectangle is?

Primary Interactive Summer Challenges 2022

Age 5 to 11

A challenge a day throughout the summer break.