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Where Are You Flying?

Age 14 to 18
Challenge Level

Where do people fly to from London?

We collected data on the number of planes that flew to each continent from London airports in 2017.
Here are four representations of this data:

Figure 1

Figure 2: Popularity of destinations (by continent) in 2017

Figure 3: Destinations of flights from London in 2017

Figure 4: Number of flights from London airports in 2017

  • What information can you deduce from each representation?
  • What is good about each representation (including its caption)?
  • What is bad about each representation?
  • Who might create each of these representations and for what purpose?
  • Could you create a better representation?

To see the original data used to create these representations, click on "Show".

Continent Total flights Proportion
Europe 374496 67.8%
Domestic 57866 10.5%
Asia 52336 9.5%
North America 52259 9.5%
Africa 11925 2.2%
South America 2059 0.4%
Oceania 1442 0.3%

  • Is there anything you might ask about this data?

To find out how this data was collected, take a look at the article Challenging Data Tasks: The Making of "Where Are You Flying?"

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