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The Elephant Diet

Age 11 to 14 Short
Challenge Level

Answer: $\frac13$ kg

Using words
Elephant portion = 365 rabbit portions
Rabbit portion = 1 rabbit portion
Total = 366 rabbit portions
366 rabbit portions = 122 kg
1 rabbit portion = 122$\div$366 = $\frac13$ kg of carrots.

Using algebra
Suppose the rabbit eats $r$ kg of carrots each day.

Then the elephant eats $365r$ kg of carrots each day.

Together, they eat 122 kg of carrots, so $$\begin{align} r+365r&=122\\
\Rightarrow 366r&=122\\
\Rightarrow r&=\tfrac{122}{366}\\
\Rightarrow r&=\tfrac13\end{align}$$

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