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2-digit Square

A 2-Digit number is squared. When this 2-digit number is reversed and squared, the difference between the squares is also a square. What is the 2-digit number?

Consecutive Squares

The squares of any 8 consecutive numbers can be arranged into two sets of four numbers with the same sum. True of false?

Plus Minus

Can you explain the surprising results Jo found when she calculated the difference between square numbers?

Stolen Pension

Age 14 to 16 Short
Challenge Level

A thief stole $\frac6{11}$ of a pensioner's money and spent $\frac6{11}$ of the money stolen. The thief was then caught, and the remaining money was returned to the pensioner.

The remaining money was £425 less than the amount the pensioner had after being robbed. How many pounds did the pensioner have before the theft?

This problem is adapted from the World Mathematics Championships
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