Using NRICH Solutions with Your Class

In our Celebrating Solutions Feature, we suggest that solutions published on the NRICH website can make a useful teaching resource in their own right.  You could use the published solutions with colleagues, in a staff meeting for example, or with your own children as part of a lesson.  

The tasks below, and in particular their published solutions, lend themselves to use in the classroom with children and we have gathered them into three groups:
  • Those that might help analyse reasoning
  • Those that include a 'slip-up' or incomplete solution
  • Those that will help your learners appreciate different approaches
For more information about using NRICH solutions, please see the article included in the feature.

Analysing Others' Reasoning

Age 5 to 11

These tasks have been deliberately designed to integrate learners' work, which makes them a great tool with which to analyse reasoning.

Sharing Incomplete Solutions

Age 5 to 11

The published solutions to these tasks include a small 'slip-up'. Can your learners identify where something is not quite right and why?

Appreciating Different Approaches

Age 5 to 11

These tasks have been chosen because the published solutions reflect a number of different ways to approach the task.