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Traffic Lights

The game uses a 3x3 square board. 2 players take turns to play, either placing a red on an empty square, or changing a red to orange, or orange to green. The player who forms 3 of 1 colour in a line wins.


A number game requiring a strategy.

Line of Four

A game somewhat similar to 'noughts and crosses' on a much larger space.

Multiplication Tables - Matching Cards

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level

There were just a few responses to this task. First, this is from Dylan who is at G.P.S in Australia, and it was accompanied by a screen shot.

This is technically a mathematics memory game that you have to press any card and find the answer to the math question then find a matching answer until you got all the cards right.

Secondly this came from Luke at St Mary's Church of England Primary School in Woodbridge:

I chose one tile at a time. Then I selected another one to go with it. I always pick the same first tile until I get a match. Then I move to a different first tile and so on.

Thank you for these, others may feel encouraged to have a go now.