Exploring Our Number System

Exploring our Number System

Simple ideas, like adding together two odds to make an even, can lead to fascinating insights with important real world applications.

In this feature, we have chosen some resources from the Exploring Our Number System pathway onĀ wild.maths.org.

Here's how you can send your solutions to these problems.

Play with our interactive machine and see if you can work out how to switch each light on. Is there a way to turn on all four lights at once?
Each number must be a factor or multiple of the last. What's the longest chain you can make?

Always a Multiple? 

Age 11 to 16
Think of a two digit number, reverse the digits, and add the numbers together. Something special happens...
Watch this talk by Dr Vicky Neale as she explores some equations, and covers some highlights from the rich history of number theory along the way.