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Matching Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Age 7 to 14
Challenge Level

To download a printable version of this game, use the links below. There are three sets - set A is the easiest and set C is the most difficult.

If you print double sided, then the cards will have an NRICH logo on the back. Otherwise, you can just print the first page.

Set A, Set B, Set C


The aim of this game is to match pairs of cards. 

Click on a card in the interactivity below to turn it over. Then click on another one. If the two cards match, they will stay face-up. If the two cards do not match, they will return to being face-down. 

The game ends when all the cards have been matched in pairs. 

Click on the links below if you would like to try some alternative versions of the Level 1 game:

  • Play with face-up cards - the cards are all face-up at the start so you can focus on the maths rather than the memory aspect of the game. How quickly can you match them all?
  • Play with a scoring system - you start with 100 points, lose 10 points whenever you turn over cards that don't match, and add 50 points whenever they do match.

Once you've mastered Level 1, there are four more levels to try, getting progressively more difficult:

What strategies did you use to work out that two cards matched?
Which pairs did you find easy to match? 
Which pairs did you find more difficult to match?

We would love to hear about the strategies you used as you played the game.