Dotty Grids

Dotty Grids

In this feature, we have chosen some resources from the Dotty Grids pathway on Wild Maths.

Take a look at Introducing Creativity in the Classroom to find out more about Wild Maths, and for suggestions of NRICH tasks we recommend if you want to promote creativity in your classroom. 

Introducing Creativity in the Classroom 

Age 11 to 18 Challenge Level:
Learn all about Wild Maths and how you can support mathematical creativity in the classroom

Creating Squares 

Age 11 to 16
Can you create a complete square before the computer? Play the game and see if you can find a winning strategy.

Areas on a Grid 

Age 11 to 16 Challenge Level:
Draw some shapes on a dotty grid, and explore the relationships between the dots on the edge, the dots inside, and the area.
Can you find a quick way to determine whether four coordinates are the corners of a square?


Age 11 to 16
Draw polygons on different sizes of dotty grid. What's the maximum number of sides you can create?