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Traffic Lights

The game uses a 3x3 square board. 2 players take turns to play, either placing a red on an empty square, or changing a red to orange, or orange to green. The player who forms 3 of 1 colour in a line wins.


A number game requiring a strategy.


In this game for two players, take it in turns to shade one petal, or two petals next to each other. Is it better to go first or second?


Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

This game is played by the Maori people of New Zealand and comes from the collection Philip Dodd. (More information about this collection appears in the June 1999 website).

This is a game for two players. You will need a game board and four counters each.

Place the counters as shown and decide who goes first by flipping a coin.

The aim of the game is to block the other player so he/she can't move.
You can move from circle to circle around the outside ring.
You can move from the middle circle to an outside circle.
You can only move to the middle circle if there's one of the other player's counters beside you
(in one of the circles to your left or right) before you move.
There can only be one counter in a circle at one time, and there's no jumping.