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Penta Post

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Martha from Tattingstone School sent us a very clearly answer to the first part:

parcel would cost £3.20 so need three £1 stamps and two 10p stamps

Martha goes on to give the solution for the second part too: package costs 84p so for as few stamps as possible need two 37p and one 10p

Caroline, also from Tattingstone, has answered the third part of the problem: 44p can't be made

Well done Caroline - although perhaps it would have been better to write 3 x 4, not 4 x 3. Back to Martha for part four: 3 combinations: three 19p stamps; two 10p and a 37p or three 10p and a 27p

Finally, Caroline has answered the last part for us: up to 150g first class (costing 57p) and up to 200g second class (costing 54p)

Excellent answers both of you! Very well done.