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These two group activities use mathematical reasoning - one is numerical, one geometric.

Exploring Wild & Wonderful Number Patterns

EWWNP means Exploring Wild and Wonderful Number Patterns Created by Yourself! Investigate what happens if we create number patterns using some simple rules.


Place this "worm" on the 100 square and find the total of the four squares it covers. Keeping its head in the same place, what other totals can you make?

Penta Post

Age 7 to 11 Challenge Level:

Martha from Tattingstone School sent us a very clearly answer to the first part:

parcel would cost £3.20 so need three £1 stamps and two 10p stamps

Martha goes on to give the solution for the second part too: package costs 84p so for as few stamps as possible need two 37p and one 10p

Caroline, also from Tattingstone, has answered the third part of the problem: 44p can't be made

Well done Caroline - although perhaps it would have been better to write 3 x 4, not 4 x 3. Back to Martha for part four: 3 combinations: three 19p stamps; two 10p and a 37p or three 10p and a 27p

Finally, Caroline has answered the last part for us: up to 150g first class (costing 57p) and up to 200g second class (costing 54p)

Excellent answers both of you! Very well done.