Digging Deeper Into Quadratics

Digging Deeper into Quadratics

A quadratic is a function that you meet time and time again, but have you ever wondered why one quadratic looks different from another? The resources below encourage you to think more deeply about the features of quadratic expressions, equations and their related graphs and how these vary.
This will encourage you to think about whether all quadratics can be factorised and to develop a better understanding of the effect that changing the coefficients has on the factorised form.

Which Quadratic? 

Age 16 to 18
In this activity you will need to work in a group to connect different representations of quadratics.

Powerful Quadratics 

Age 16 to 18
This comes in two parts, with the first being less fiendish than the second. It’s great for practising both quadratics and laws of indices, and you can get a lot from making sure that you find all the solutions. For a real challenge (requiring a bit more knowledge), you could consider finding the complex solutions.


Age 16 to 18
You're invited to decide whether statements about the number of solutions of a quadratic equation are always, sometimes or never true.