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Place four pebbles on the sand in the form of a square. Keep adding as few pebbles as necessary to double the area. How many extra pebbles are added each time?

It Figures

Suppose we allow ourselves to use three numbers less than 10 and multiply them together. How many different products can you find? How do you know you've got them all?


Investigate the different shaped bracelets you could make from 18 different spherical beads. How do they compare if you use 24 beads?

Path to the Stars

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Fiona from Tattingstone has sent us her drawings:

She then goes on to predict whether she will be able to draw the $9$-pointed star and gives a good explanation:

Liam, David, Joseph, Matthew, Chris and Yuji at Moorfield Junior School have also begun to think about why you can draw some stars but not others. They say that for any odd number of points you start at any dot and then miss one out and join a line to the next one. Then you go from that dot to the one after the next. You keep repeating this, but only some even numbers work.

Matthew, Chris and Yuji say that even numbers work if you skip out two dots each time. They go on to say that this doesn't work for numbers in the three times table, which is why we can't draw a $6$-pointed star.