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The Tomato and the Bean

Stage: 1 Challenge Level: Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3 Challenge Level:3

The solutions we had in, varied in the ways they were expressed.

We had many contributions from Crudgington Primary School in Shropshire, U.K.

Firstly, I drew two pictures one of a tomato plant and one of the bean plant. Then I made myself a little chart like this ...


... and so on. As you can see that on the section where I worked out the bean plant's results the first number I wrote was how much the plant would need to increase in size. I found that this helped me a lot. Then I wrote the height of the plant and finally how many days it took for the plant to reach that height. I did this same method for the tomato plant until the height was the same. So the answer is: the height is $63$cm after $15$ days of growing.


First I looked at the information and saw that the bean plant grew only $1$cm after $10$ days! So I started from $10$ days. And after the bean plant grew $1$cm the tomato plant had already grown $38$cm. And then after each day the bean plant doubled its current size and the tomato plant grew $5$cm. So after $15$ days both plants are $63$cm.

From Curl Curl North School in New South Wales we had two answers that at first looked different but were just being expressed from a different point of view. Christopher, Ashton, Grace, Charlotte, Kaden, Ben, Kate, Charlie, Dylan, Josh, Matthew and Mitchell's team, said;

$6$ days from the time the bean was first measured.

And from Sean, Emma, Emily, Amelia, Ed and Stacey's team we had:

$5$ days because you count from when the bean was $3$ cm tall.

I wonder if they thought the other team had the wrong answer?